Mill Lane

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Project Info:

We first meet Heinz the owner and Board Director of Jestico + While a large Architects in London at the award winning house Brickfield (see case study Brickfield) in Radlett. He visited the site to meet the builder about his personal new development in Amersham and whilst there he was introduced to Be Green, which consequently lead to an order being placed for a complete Be Green renewable heating and cooling package.

GSHP - Vaillant ( 8kW )
MVHR - Kompakt Rego 500
Solar Pv
Ground energy pipe

We started by installing a ground energy pipe that either pre-heats in winter or pre-cools in summer the incoming air entering the Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR). As we were one of the first on site this needed to be very precise in how this 250mm diameter pipe entered the house from underground as it was going into a purpose built riser that went up through the house to the loft space where the MVHR would eventually be fitted.

At the same time we also drilled the two 100 meter deep boreholes ready to connect to the Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) at a later date.

Eight months or so later when the house is dry (roof on and windows and doors installed) we turned up to install the UFH and all the ductwork and the unit for the MVHR, the plant room is in the loft space which included the hot water and buffer tank, the GSHP is located in an outside the house in a cupboard.

This unique house was completed in late 2015, it has a fully automated Heating and Comfort Cooling system. The air cooling is done via the Ground pipe and via a cooling coil connected to the inlet of the MVHR. Heating on an individual room basis via the UFH and the whole property was topped off with a 2Kw (8 x panels) PV array.

Great project to work on!

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