Chartfield House

Project Info:

Be Green have been working in partnership with the Architect and Developer for the new development Chartfield House. The house has been built to a very high standard with superior levels of insulation throughout and designed to be as air tight as possible. Due to the high quality of the build it has allowed Be Green to design and install an environmentally friendly heating and cooling system using some of the latest sustainable technologies.

ASHP � 16Kw Danfoss AQ

The house is heated via a new generation of Air Source Heat Pump that provides the property with all its Heating, Cooling and Hot water requirements, but to insure a belt and braces approach it also has a gas boiler to back up and support the whole installation. The Heat Pump technology will provide Chartfield House with a Heating and Comfort Cooling system that will reduce the homes CO? emissions by over 50% and the heating bills by approximately 20% against a conventional gas boiler.
The Heating is designed to be on 24 hours a day, the Heat Pump only generates enough heat to keep the house at whatever temperature you have set. This is done via weather compensators that constantly monitor the inside and outside temperatures ensuring there is no unnecessary heating and energy waste. Keeping a home warm 24 hours a day is far more efficient when heating with a Heat Pumps as opposed to only heating it at certain times of the day, so no matter what the weathers doing outside your home house is always warm and toasty.
The heating of the house is done through a carefully designed Underfloor Heating System. This UFH is designed to heat the property using low temperatures; this significantly increases the efficiencies of the house and Heat Pump and is only possible due to a highly insulated home and the controlled air movement.
The house has been built to be air tight so the heat cannot escape and the cold and drafts cannot get in, but the house and the occupants need to breathe. To do this a Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) system has been installed that continuously and quietly creates a gentle air movement throughout the property to provide the home with a clean and fresh ambiance all year round.
The system works by continually extracting the air from the hot smelly and wet areas like bathrooms, toilets and kitchens, whilst supplying fresh clean filtered air to all the living areas like bedrooms and living rooms. The air being extracted pre-heats (without mixing) the air coming in, is ensures the home is always provided with filtered, warm, clean and fresh air. In summer, a summer bypass switches on so the air leaving does not heat the air entering the home.
Background Comfort Cooling has also been installed as part of the MVHR system. An external sensor automatically turns on the cooling when the outside temperature rises above a certain set point. This coolant chills the air entering the house through the MVHR by around 8 to 10�. It�s designed to give constant and gentle background Comfort Cooling to the whole property; it will struggle to cool the property during a hot mid summer�s day, but when the sun goes down its perfect to take away those hot sticky nights.
To control the heating and cooling system a simple, touch screen control system has been installed. This heats individual rooms to whatever temperatures the home owner would like, so a living room can be at 21� and a bedroom at 18�. The Cooling comes on when the outside temperature goes above a set point usually around 18 to 20�.
Because of the way the home is heated, cooled and ventilated it helps creates a delightful clean fresh living space, the perfect in-home living environment. To create a truly comfortable home you need to create a space at where the human body feels most at ease and comfortable with its surroundings, one that�s never too hot or cold, won�t get too stuffy or have high or low humidity, this brings enormous health benefits to all the occupants. A new home with a controlled environment can also help with sleep patterns, improve concentration and generally improve the wellness of everyone living in it, especially for asthma and hay fever sufferers.
With Chartfield House you get a simple to use Sustainable green heating and cooling system that apart from reducing your energy bills will also give you the feel good satisfaction of knowing you�re doing your little bit to help the environment, whilst doing little to reduce the comforts of a new home, indeed quite the opposite as we aim to improve them.
The whole Be Green system comes with a full 7 year Guarantee, alongside a maintenance contract.

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